Monday, February 1, 2010

What’s for Lunch, Josh?

My Asheville Potter son, Josh, has a sandwich named after him at the Klingman Ave Café near the Clay Space Studio where he makes pots. I found this out when I called him this past weekend to catch up.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I was just about to walk over to the café and get something to eat but realized they close early on Saturday.”

I asked him about the café, because I didn’t remember one within walking distance from the studio, which was when I learned about the sandwich named “Josh,” made with turkey, cream cheese, tomato and cucumber on a toasted bagel.

“They write your name on the ticket, so when I order it, they write my name twice. If I’m really hungry and order two, they write Josh and Josh x 2,” he said.

I laughed and wanted to know more, so he explained, “When they first opened up they had a menu, but I just ordered what I liked. I was an instant regular, going over for about 4 cups a coffee a day. Then they came out with a new menu with the “Josh” on it.

Some of Josh’s friends have sandwiches named after them too. “The Ford,” named after Ryan Ford, has sausage in it. Another one is called “Tim Pesto.”

“Is his last name Pesto?” I couldn’t help asking.

“It used to be just “Tim” until Tim started asking for it with pesto. Then it became “Tim with Pesto,” and finally just “Tim Pesto,” Josh said.

“Have you ever been in the café and heard someone order a “Josh,”’ I wanted to know.

“Yeah, that’s how it got on the menu in the first place. People started ordering it.”

Tim Pesto is getting ready to open a brewery in the Wedge building, the same building the Clay Space Studio is in, Josh told me.

“Then you guys will really have everything you need right there!” I said.

Post notes: The photo is one of the doodles made while talking with Josh on the phone. To read more about Josh and his pottery click HERE and scroll down.

~ Originally posted on Loose Leaf Notes on November 6, 2007.

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